General questions

What are your opening hours

We are open on weekdays Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm in the evening. We also are open on the weekends, Saturday only between 8am 1 12pm. On Sundays we are closed

What services do you provide?

Epsom Avenue Small Animal Clinic’s services include Vaccinations (plus heartworm, fleas), Desexing, Sick animals, Dermatology (itchy dogs), Lameness (musculo-skeletal), Arthritis, Dental, Orthopaedic and yearly health check (ears, skin, bad teeth). 

What animals do you treat?

Epsom Avenue Small Animal Clinic mainly treats dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles. We are also affiliated with Perth Equine Hospital for any treatment you might need for horses.

Desexing FAQs

“Will desexing affect my pet’s personality?”

Your pet will retain their pre-operation personality, possibly with the added bonus of being calmer and less aggressive.

“Should my female have one litter first?”

No – it is actually better for her not to have any litters before being spayed.Her risk of developing breast cancer increases if she is allowed to go through her first heat and puts her at a higher risk of developing a pyometra (pus (infection) filled uterus).

Will it cause my pet to become fat?

Your pet’s metabolism may be slowed due to hormonal changes after desexing, however, this is easily managed with adjusting feeding and ensuring adequate exercise. There is no reason a desexed pet cannot be maintained at a normal weight.

“Is desexing painful?”

As with all surgery, there is some tenderness immediately after the procedure, but most pets will recover very quickly. We administer pain relief prior to surgery and after surgery too. Your pet will be discharged with a short course of pain relief medication to take at home for the first few days after the surgery.  In many cases, your pet will likely need some encouragement to take it easy!

“Will my dog lose its “guard dog” instinct?”

No, your dog will be just as protective of their territory as before the surgery.

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