Tony Mathews


Teesh our head nurse asked me to write something of myself. My first response was “I am alive”.

Teesh tells me I must provide more. Here goes with the longer version. I have now been a veterinarian for more than half my life. Over the last 34 years since graduation, I have worked with small animals, 20 years as a principal. I work for Dr Paul. I admire honesty and morality, traits that I see in the people I work with. I also admire people who can play musical instruments, jugglers and those that are good to their mother.

I have been blessed two children, two grandchildren and by some stroke of luck, a wife of many years ( please note Kylie, that was not meant to make you sound old, just thought I might remind you that I like your company). Of me, I have many character flaws ( no doubt the list will be provided on request to Kylie) but what you must know is that I do not give up easily

Therefore what of me, I am still alive. My name is Tony Mathews

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