Clinical Pathology


In order to correctly diagnose an illness or disease in an animal, the analysis of internal elements such as bodily fluids is often required. This is called clinical pathology, and here at Epsom Avenue Small Animal Clinic each of our expert clinicians is highly trained in all areas of pathology. We are able to conduct many tests in-house, and for those requiring laboratory analysis we are closely located to the only veterinary pathology laboratory in the state of WA.

The health and well-being of your beloved pet is our top priority, and we know that a quick and accurate diagnosis of an illness is essential to their health. We utilise various aspects of veterinary clinical pathology wherever necessary, such as chemistry, microbiology, hematology and more, and we have a great relationship with various highly renowned pathologists should a phone consultation assist our diagnosis.

Veterinary Clinical Pathology

The in-house facilities at our Epsom Avenue Clinic include a consultation room where we can safely examine your pet, and conduct simple tests such as skin scrapes or tape impressions in the case of possible skin diseases. Our friendly clinicians can take samples of blood to check for overall health as well as do blood chemistries and blood counts,and other in-house tests include confirming they are a good candidate for general anaesthesia before surgeries, as well as analyse urine samples for signs of kidney disease and other issues.

A common veterinary clinical pathology service we regularly carry out at our clinic is testing lumps for the presence of cancerous, or neoplastic, cells. This may be analysis of a new bump or a check up on an existing lump that has returned or needs a follow up consultation after a previous lump removal surgery. Should a member of our highly trained team feel the need for more intensive or specialist testing we will arrange for the immediate transfer of samples to the state veterinary pathology laboratory.

Epsom Avenue Small Animal Clinic

Our team of nurses, veterinarians, and clinicians are 100% focused on the safe treatment of your pet and their speedy recovery, no matter the issue at play. We’re proud to offer a range of veterinary clinical pathology services in-house, from simple point of care tests to the management of more complex diagnostic testing and procedures where we involve the expertise of a pathology laboratory.

We understand this can be a scary time for you, and want to assure you we are on hand to provide any assistance you may need. Luckily here at Epsom Avenue Clinic our in-house tests provide results within minutes, so you won’t have to wait to hear the outcome and your pet can get the treatment it needs straight away. More complex diagnostic testing and procedures may require 12-24 hours for blood results, and biopsies can take up to 14 days. We will be with you each step of the way to assuage any fears and discuss any queries you might have around veterinary clinical pathology.

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