Clinical Pathology


Clinical pathology, performed in-house or at a referral veterinary pathology laboratory, is often an imperative component of veterinary medicine.  In the consultation room, simple tests are able to be performed, including skin scrapes or tape impressions in cases of skin disease.  Urine can be analysed quickly to assess for signs of kidney disease or other ailments.  Blood can be evaluated to ensure your pet is healthy and a good candidate for general anaesthesia prior to routine surgery or radiographic examination.

Lumps can be tested for presence of neoplastic (cancerous) cells, or check for remnants of the same after resection of a worrisome mass.  More complex medical cases may require multiple or repeated specialised testing.  At EAVC, we are fortunate enough to be able to offer a wide range of clinical pathology services, ranging from simple point of care tests that can be performed in-house, to more complex diagnostic testing and procedures.

We are in very close proximity to the state’s only veterinary pathology laboratory, and our clinicians are experienced in all aspects of pathology.  Furthermore, well-renowned pathologists are on the end of the phone if clarification or advice is required.  Clinical pathology is an important component of veterinary medicine, and we are proud to be able to offer these services to you.

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