Choosing the right Perth vet clinic to perform surgery on your furry family member can be tough.

When you choose Epsom Avenue Veterinary Clinic you can rest assured you are in the safest hands. We know how scary it can be to put your pet through surgery.

Our experienced vets, vet nurses and support staff have more than 100 years of combined experience with small animals in all shapes and sizes.

From cat and dog desexing to dental procedures, soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic operations, we use only the safest and most up-to-date methods to care for your pets.


Neutering and spaying are the most common procedures carried out by our veterinary surgeons. Normally the surgery takes place when your pet is 4-6 months old however there is no time when a pet is too old to be desexed.

In most cases your pet will be back at home the same evening with a care routine prepared by our experienced team. They will soon recover from the post-surgery tenderness and return to their normal boisterous life.

You can read more about desexing here or call us for advice. 

Dental care

Not dissimilar to humans, our pets can suffer from dental disease.  Some breeds may be more susceptible than others, likewise, age, diet and lifestyle can play a major role in the development of dental disease. 

Dental care begins at the first juvenile health check or vaccination, and will be monitored at every health check or appointment for the life of your pet.  However, there are things that you can look out for at home that may indicate your pet is suffering from dental disease.  This may include bad breath, abnormal chewing, broken or loose teeth, and reluctance to chew harder foods or chew toys. 

If you are concerned about your pet’s dental health – don’t hesitate to pop by or call to ask a question, or have a look at our range of dental care products that you can use at home. 


Orthopaedics generally refers to the skeleton, and soft tissue structures associated with the skeleton that have a role in normal mobility, movement and function.  Pets can experience a wide range of orthopaedic diseases or problems that may be developmental or degenerative in nature, or can occur as a result of an injury or accident.   Our knowledgeable and experienced veterinary surgeons are able to examine your pet for presence of orthopaedic disease or injury, and provide further diagnostic procedures as required.  We have a fully equipped surgical suite where we are able to perform routine and complex procedures as required. 

Soft tissue

Soft tissue surgery is a very broad speciality, and includes structures outside of the skeleton and associated tissues.  Wound repair, mass removal, sterilisation procedures for males and females, as well as gastrointestinal surgery fall under this umbrella.  Our surgeons are experienced and diligent in their tissue handling and surgical techniques, so your pet is in good hands with us here at Epsom Ave Veterinary Clinic. 


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