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When a beloved pet requires surgery we know it can be a scary time, but with the highly trained team of veterinarians here at Epsom Avenue Small Pet Clinic you can rest assured that your furry friend is in great hands. We understand the stress involved for both the animal and humans involved, and make ourselves available to talk through each step of the process beforehand and after to ease any nerves.

With a fully equipped surgical suite at the practice, combined with this high level of expertise of our staff, we are fully prepared to carry out the majority of soft tissues surgical procedures that may be required such as pet lump removal. Having a combined 60 years of experience means our passionate vets have the confidence and skills to carry out each procedure safely.

Pet Surgery

Soft tissue surgery essentially means any pet surgery that does not affect or impact the bones, rather impacts the skin, muscle, or abdomen. This covers a long list of pet surgery procedures, but usually is required for pet lump removal, or to take out a growth. While the pet will require general anaesthesia, the surgery is relatively low impact and the recovery pretty straightforward. Usually the only sign of it will be a small row of stitches!


Other soft tissue pet surgeries include abscess or cyst drainage, repair of muscle or skin injuries, fixing gastrointestinal issues like blockages or ruptures, removing foreign objects from stomachs, biopsies, as well as caesareans and desexing procedures. The list really is endless, but rest assured that almost all the soft tissue surgeries we carry out are relatively common and are required by a beloved pet at one time or another in their life.

Pet Lump Removal

While it can be off-putting to discover a lump on your pet, do not fret. The first step is always to make an appointment with us so we can check out the lump or bump and plan the next steps. Usually a biopsy is required to investigate what the issue is, i.e. whether it is cancerous or not. Once we have more information we can then plan the best pet surgery option for the animal in question.


Most lumps aren’t harmful, which we call benign lumps, and others are serious, or have the potential to become a health hazard, which are called malignant lumps. Those cancerous lumps require a quick removal and so are priority pet surgeries in order to ensure the best outcome. When it comes to pet lump removal surgery you are in good hands with our staff of highly experienced veterinarians.

Surgery with Epsom Avenue Clinic

If you have queries or suspicions about the health of your pet, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our veterinarians for an expert check up and diagnosis. Our number one concern is the well being of each and every animal that comes into our clinic, and we promise to do everything we can to improve the health of your pet should there be a need for pet surgery. Our friendly team of vets and nurses are here to make you and your adorable pet feel safe and welcome.

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