Nail Clipping


When it comes to pet maintenance, our regular visitors to the clinic have made it clear which area they dislike the most – pet nail clipping! A squirmy dog or jumpy cat can make this chore a nightmare, and for anyone who’s not super experienced welding a set of large pet nail clippers it can be an intimidating task. For the safety and wellbeing of your pet we offer an extensive range of thorough professional pet care services, including the careful task of pet nail clipping. Even if it’s just to reduce the amount of potential scratches your pet is unwittingly doling out, let us take the stress of this tricky task off your hands.

Pet Nail Clipping

The main reason it’s important to schedule regular pet nail clipping is that if left unmanaged it can result in the nails growing back into the pad of the paw, which is extremely painful for any animal and likely to cause infection. This chore doesn’t need to be a stressful one; for a small fee one of the highly trained nurses or vets here at Epsom Avenue Clinic can carry out this service in-house in a short amount of time. Trained in safe pet handling, we have the skills to ensure your pet is comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

Professional pet Care

There are several areas of pet maintenance that are important for ensuring your cute charge isn’t uncomfortable. As well as making sure your pet’s fur doesn’t get so long that they have difficulty seeing, or are too hot in the summer months, it’s important to keep an eye on the length of their nails. With well equipped facilities and a team of friendly staff who are ready to give lots of cuddles, you can rest assured your pet is in good hands when it comes in to get our professional pet care services.

Dog Nail Clipping

Each pet dog is a beloved member of the family, which means cuddles are just as important to everyone as walks and training sessions. Unclipped nails are not only extremely uncomfortable and even painful when they come into contact with skin during a cuddle session or if a dog jumps up, it can be dangerous when it comes to small children. For the safety and comfort of your dog it’s important to incorporate pet nail clipping into their care regime. This will also ensure no sore nail tears, and no nail bed infections that might require antibiotics or irritating bandaging.

Pet Care with Epsom Avenue Clinic

The happiness and wellbeing of your pet is at the forefront of everything we do here at Epsom Avenue Small Animal Clinic. Each member of our experienced staff is pet obsessed, and we welcome each new creature into our friendly clinic with open arms, and lots of cuddles! We understand how important regular professional pet care is to the overall health of your pet, and are more than happy to take over those tricky maintenance tasks like pet nail clipping. To book a session of professional pet care, or simply a regular health check up, get in touch today.

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