Pets provide companionship and comfort in any home. Whether a first pet for the family, or a furry and feathered gang to keep you company, pets add so much to our lives.

Keeping them healthy and free of disease over the years means enlisting the help of an experienced vet clinic that provides personalised care across the entire health spectrum. As your local Ascot vet, Epsom Avenue Veterinary Clinic provides a comprehensive range of health services, backed by a wealth of experience and a dedication to your pet’s health.

We also run puppy pre-school classes, offer nutrition advice and products, and can provide referrals for specialist vet services.

How often should your pet get a check-up?

Our vets recommend health checks at least once a year, usually at the same time as annual vaccination boosters.

However, pets age faster than humans so we vet may recommend more frequent check-ups at our Ascot vet clinic for aging pets or those with identified health conditions that require regular monitoring. Just like you choose a family doctor who personalised care, a good vet is one who tailors treatment and advice to your pet’s specific health needs.

Annual check-ups are also a great chance to check in with your vet on new treatments and pet care trends. Veterinary care is always evolving, and here at Epsom Avenue Veterinary Clinic we strive to stay up-to-date with new medicines, treatment methods, behaviour training and nutrition tips. 

What pet care services we offer:

Intestinal worms

From the time they are born, both cats and dogs require regular intestinal worming treatment. Preventing hookworm, roundworm, tapeworms and other potentially fatal parasites is relatively simple. All you need to do is follow advice from our Ascot vet and apply regular treatments.

Heartworm control

Mosquitoes carrying the heartworm parasite may be impossible to eradicate, but thankfully the disease itself is entirely preventable. To avoid the devastating symptoms of heartworm disease (HWD), stock up on chewable tablets or spot treatments next time you visit our Ascot vet clinic.

Flea & tick control

Don’t forget to replenish your pet’s parasite treatments during their next health check. Flea and tick treatments should be part of your regular schedule, just like walks and worming.

Puppy pre-school

Our puppy pre-school classes socialise and train your new best friend at the same time. We focus on the critical development age of 6 to 16 weeks, but also have classes for puppies aged up to 22 weeks. Using positive and progressive training methods, our trainers spend 5 weeks helping you build a bond with your pooch and develop good habits for life.

Why you should choose Epsom Avenue Veterinary Clinic to look after your pet

Epsom Avenue Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to holistic health care for your furry family member. Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience, our vets tailor treatment programs to your pet’s specific needs.

Our team is waiting to welcome you to our Ascot vet clinic, whether you need to top up on parasite treatment or enrol in puppy pre-school as a new pet parent.

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