Health Checks


Do you ever put off going to the doctor for a general check-up? Unlike humans, our pets normally can’t tell us they have a niggling health complaint until the condition gets more serious. That’s why regular health checks are so important for pets.

During a regular health check your vet will look for signs of developing illness, check your pet’s overall health, replenish essential health supplies like flea and tick control medication and dog worming tablets, and update you on any ongoing health issues under monitoring.

Annual Health Check

Here at Epsom Avenue we recommend booking your pet in for a health check at least once a year. Normally this will coincide with their vaccination booster to make things more convenient for you.

The check-up is an opportunity to chat with your vet about any health concerns, ask questions about caring for your pet, and benefit from training our vets have completed recently.

Your vet will also:

  • Review your pet’s fitness and weight
  • Check ears, eyes tongue, skin and coat
  • Advise on diet and exercise
  • Administer a vaccination booster
  • Assess dental health
  • Top up flea and tick treatment
  • Monitor any ongoing health concerns
  • Check for early signs of age-related disease
  • Chat with you about behaviour, training and puppy pre-school

Annual health checks are a non-invasive and low stress way to safeguard the health of your furry family member. They are also a good time to top up on parasite control: remember to pick up a supply of flea and tick control and dog worming tablets during your pet’s annual health check.

What to do if you miss the annual appointment

Life gets busy, and sometimes you miss your pet’s appointment by a few days or weeks. It’s important for your pet’s health that you try and stick to the annual schedule, but “better late than never” as the saying goes.

If you’ve missed your appointment, simply get in touch and we would be happy to book in an alternative time that suits you.

Why are annual health checks important?

Regular vet check-ups are one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your pet’s healthcare needs. Vaccination boosters, worming, and flea control are all important to ensuring your pet lives a long and happy life with you.

Plus, it is the best chance for an experienced vet to detect early signs of emerging health issues. Early detection means early intervention, which gives your pet a much higher chance of a quick and complete recovery.

Why you should choose Epsom Avenue Veterinary Clinic to look after your pet

Epsom Avenue Small Animal Clinic are your local vet clinic conveniently located less than 15 minutes’ drive from Perth city. With more than 60 years of combined veterinary experience, and a friendly team dedicated to your pet’s health, we can take care of all your pet health needs.

To prevent nasty (and expensive) health surprises, ensure your supply of flea and tick control and dog worming tablets stays replenished, and keep your pet happy and healthy year after year, book your pet’s next annual check-up today.

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