Radiography for pets is much the same as for humans. It involves taking a series of pet X-rays of their body to produce a series of images, in order to get a closer look at what is going on inside. Used as part of a medical treatment plan, a pet X-ray can be invaluable in diagnosing a potential illness or health issue.

As a leading vet hospital in Perth, the expert team of veterinarians here at Epsom Avenue Small Animal Clinic are well trained in the practice of radiography and have safely carried a huge number of pet X-rays on a wide range of animals. Our nurses and vets are on hand to guide you both through the procedure, and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Along with lots of cuddles of course!

Pet X-Rays

The use of X-rays on animals is completely safe. All it means is that the X-rays, or electromagnetic wave, is passed through tissue in the body in order to create a picture on either a film or as a digital image. This common technique is incredibly useful for veterinarians to use when trying to diagnose an ailment in a pet, particularly as the animal is unable to explain their symptoms to us!

After the radiography procedure we examine the results to see if the X-ray beam is transmitted, absorbed, or scattered. This image can then be used to diagnose a number of orthopedic diseases or soft tissue damage. We also regularly use our radiography facilities to determine degenerative or developmental bone and joint diseases, as well as before and after fracture repair surgery to check the position and size of orthopedic implants.

Radiography with Epsom Avenue Clinic

Our focus is always on the well being of your animal, especially during an operation or radiography procedure. In order to ensure they are in safely in the best position for a pet X-ray we anesthetist them, as this limits any unnecessary radiation exposure. It also allows us to easily manipulate their placement if required, and safely control the digital radiography equipment and environment.

Once the pet X-ray is complete, we can then analyse the imagery produced during the procedure before discussing it with you and creating the best possible treatment plan stemming from the results. You can rest assured your animal will recover smoothly from the anesthesia, and won’t have any lasting side-effects. As a leading Perth vet hospital we only work with top quality medical equipment, and our radiography facilities allow us to create top diagnostic images in a matter of seconds.

Vet Hospital Perth

The entire team here at Epsom Avenue Veterinary clinic are pet obsesses, and we’re not ashamed to say it! We love each and every animal that is brought into our clinic, and strive to make each appointment and procedure as calm and painless as possible. Each pet X-ray is carried out to the highest standard, and you can rest assured your beloved creature is in safe hands with us in our radiography facility. We aim for the highest standard as a Perth vet hospital, and urge you to book an appointment to discuss any concerns or questions you might have about our pet X-rays or other other procedures we offer.

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