Radiography is an invaluable diagnostic modality in veterinary practice.  Radiography relies on the production of X-rays, a form of electromagnetic radiation, that pass through and exit the tissues.  Attenuation of the primary X-ray beam occurs when it passes through tissue, and the X-rays are either transmitted, absorbed, or scattered, thereby producing the characteristic black and white images we are familiar with.

Digital radiography technology allows us at Epsom Avenue Veterinary Clinic to acquire images of excellent diagnostic quality in a matter of seconds.  We are able to use this technology to assess for, and diagnose, a wide range of both soft tissue and orthopaedic diseases or problems.  We routinely use our radiography facilities to diagnose degenerative or developmental joint and bone diseases, to check the size and positioning of orthopaedic implants before and after surgical repairs of fractures, or look for pathology in the thorax or abdomen.  To limit unnecessary radiation exposure to your pet and personnel, it is necessary for animals to be anaesthetised for radiographic examination.  This ensures that we can position the animal perfectly and safely, manipulate as required, and limit unnecessary exposures or acquisition of non-diagnostic imaging. 

When your pet has radiographs taken at EAVC, your vet will be able to explain the images to you, and make a treatment plan going forward, at your pet’s discharge appointment. 

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